2017 P.S. Central Coast Carbonic Sangiovese


  • 2017 P.S. Central Coast Carbonic Sangiovese
  • 2017 P.S. Central Coast Carbonic Sangiovese

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The 2017 Central Coast Carbonic Sangiovese is made from Sangiovese grapes grown at Ballard Canyon’s Stolpman Vineyard, where Sashi was the winemaker for several years.

Carbonic fermentation is the method used in cru Beaujolais to balance the fruitiness of the Gamay grape with tension and acidity. We love using this technique with local Sangiovese to produce a lighter style, lower alcohol red.

Our Sangiovese grapes are picked early, then loaded whole cluster into a tank and surrounded by carbon dioxide, creating an environment in which fermentation can safely occur with native yeasts and minimal skin contact. Once fermentation is finished, we press off immediately and send the wine to neutral barrels for aging. The resulting red wine is light in color, zippy, and linear, with bright, fresh fruit and lively acidity. It can be served slightly chilled as an aperitif or at the table with a lighter meal.

Bottled for the local community, this Carbonic Sangiovese is delicious on release and sold exclusively in Santa Barbara County at two locations: the Piedrasassi farm stand in the Saturday Farmers’ Market in Santa Barbara, and the Piedrasassi bakery in Lompoc (on Wednesdays and Fridays, curbside pickup only).